Cuban Sandwich

A while back I went to the movies to see the movie Chef. This movie touched me so much I couldn’t wait to see it again. Luckily it is out on DVD and I bought it as soon as I could.

This movie stars Jon Favreau, who also wrote and directed the story. It’s a movie about a talented chef who is frustrated that he isn’t able to cook the foods he wants to at the restaurant he works. He ends up unemployed and had always looked down on food trucks but then circumstances allowed him to open up his own food truck with his ex-wife’s ex-husbands help, his best friend and son.

The relationship between father and son is another part of the story and it is told in such a way that it is touching and draws you in.

I don’t want to give too much away but the movie is worth seeing even if you have to buy it or rent it from Amazon. And you don’t have to be a foodie to appreciate it.

The recipe I’m sharing is actually the sandwich that convinced the chef to make the move to food trucks. I had never had a Cuban Sandwich but when it was described in the movie, I immediately wanted one. And I am so sorry it took me so long to have one.

The pork I used is the Slow Cooker Pulled Pork I posted previously. It’s my favorite pork recipe now.

Cuban Sandwich @addicted2recipe

Cuban Sandwich


French bread or hoagie rolls
Butter, softened
Pulled pork
Thinly sliced Black Forest ham
Swiss cheese
Sliced Dill pickles
Spicy Brown mustard


Preheat a George Foreman grill or a panini press.

Spread softened butter on both outsides of bread.

Add mustard to both insides of bread.

Place ham, pork, and cheese on the bread. Add pickle slices. Replace top of bread to form a sandwich. Heat on grill or press until cheese starts to melt.

Serve warm.

Cuban Sandwich Collage


Cuban Sandwich Full

Slow Cooker Mexican Taco Soup – #ReadingFoodie: On Grace {#WeekendReads)

It’s book review time. In this #ReadingFoodie episode we delve into On Grace by Susie Orman Schnall.

Grace May seems like she has it all. A stay-at-home mom with two little boys and a seemingly perfect husband. Until the night he confesses to his wife that he had a one-night stand.

What is it with me and books about cheating husbands? Seriously.

So this books starts early with Grace finding out about her husband Darren’s cheating. She is torn about how she should react. She’s angry and doesn’t know if she should forgive him. Can she ever trust him again?

Meanwhile she gets on Facebook and an old high school crush sends her a chat message. She let’s it slip that her marriage is in trouble and in swoops the former crush. Facebook is just a mecca for trouble waiting to happen. As Grace calls it – Facebook Flirting. She believes that since her husband cheated, its acceptable for her to feel butterflies at the thought of another man flirting with her.

The book goes on to explore why someone would cheat and how individuals react to it as well. Is it worse to have an emotional affair than a physical one?

There are other characters and issues in the book as well that keeps you invested in the book. In fact, this recipe comes from Grace making hamburger soup for her best friend who goes through quite a lot of turmoil in the book.

I had never heard of hamburger soup. Is it like taco soup? I don’t know. So I recreated my taco soup because I know Grace could pull off this recipe to give in a time of need.

Slow Cooker Mexican Taco Soup

Slow Cooker Mexican Taco Soup


1 lb lean ground beef
Salt, pepper and onion flakes to taste
1 – 1.25 oz pkg McCormick original taco seasoning mix
1 – 15 oz can black beans, drained
1 – 16 oz can chili kidney beans, drained
1 – 15 oz can whole kernel corn, undrained
1 – 10 oz can Rotel original diced tomatoes and green chilis
1 – 13 oz bottle Pacifico beer or your favorite Mexican beer (minus a big gulp for yourself)


Mexican blend cheese, shredded
Chili Cheese corn chips


Place ground beef in a large sauté pan. Add salt, pepper and onion flakes to taste. Brown ground beef. Drain any grease once beef is browned.

Add taco seasoning to the beef and stir to combine.

Add the beans, corn and Rotel to the slow cooker. Add the beef in the slow cooker. Stir to combine. Pour in the beer and stir. Let cook for 4 hours on high.

Serve with a handful of cheese and chili cheese corn chips on top of the soup.


Pumpkin Blossom Kiss Cookies

Pumpkin Blossom Kiss Cookies @addicted2recipe

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Sunday Egg Thingy

Sunday Egg Thingy

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Fish Tacos – #ReadingFoodie: Groundswell {#WeekendReads}

Fish Taco @addicted2recipe

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Beef and Bean Enchilada Pillows #GoAutentico

Beef and Been Enchilada Pillow Crescents

This is a compensated campaign in collaboration with Cacique and Latina Bloggers Connect.  All thoughts and opinions are my own. Growing up, I remember my grandparents celebrating Dia de los Muertos every year.  This is a long-standing holiday and a time to celebrate our dearly departed loved ones. As a child I was a little […]

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Pecan and Brie Bites

Pecan & Brie Bites @addicted2recipe

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BBQ Glazed Pork Steaks

BBQ Glazed Pork Steaks

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It’s Fall y’all!

DIY Fabric Pumpking How To Collage

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Two-Bean Chili

2 Bean Chili

We got a little cold front here a couple of weeks ago and the temperatures dropped into the 70s. Of course that meant I had to make some chili. The weather called for it after all. Some chili purists insist that chili does not have beans. Me, I love it both ways. My preference is […]

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