Dr. Phil’s Sunday Eggy Thing

I was home from work last week and caught an episode of the Rachael Ray show. Dr. Phil was her co-host and in one section of the show he prepared a dish he makes for his wife. He referred to it as a Sunday Eggy Thing.

It was simple and reminded me of migas. Only you don’t cut up the tortillas. And you use corn instead of flour. So, of course I had to try it with a corn tortilla.

The dish turned out to be good. It reminded me of the egg toast (aka Egg in a Hole) that I make for Jacob. Only with tortilla instead of bread.

The photo is awful but don’t let that put you off trying this. I made it for my parents and they both loved it.

Dr. Phil's Sunday Eggy Thing

Dr. Phil’s Sunday Eggy Thing


Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Corn tortilla (Dr. Phil used a flour tortilla)
Salt and pepper, to taste


Drizzle olive oil in a frying pan. Heat over medium-heat. Once hot, add corn tortilla and let cook for a minute. Flip over and crack the egg over tortilla. Let cook for 3-4 mins until egg whites start to set. Flip over and let cook for an additional minute. Tortilla should be extra crispy.  Flip over onto a plate and serve.

Note: Dr. Phil added soy sauce so I did, but I didn’t feel it added anything to the dish. Now hot sauce may do the trick for some of you.


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