Valentine’s Day Treats

As you may have noticed, every holiday I like to make something different for my niece and nephews. This Valentine’s Day for the first time ever, I won’t be with them on this day. So I wanted to send them a little something to make sure they know how much I love them.

Valentines Day 2014 Tins

I was going to do “52 Reasons I Love You” out of a deck of cards. But do you know how hard it is to come up with 52 reasons. Times three! Yeah, I could do it but it would take time. And I needed to get these babies in the mail.

Then over the weekend I was catching up on Margie Romney-Aslett’s Spark Your Love and Your Home videos and she mentioned she does a 14 reasons for her husband. Score! I can totally do that.

14 reasons I love you Scrapbook

“14 Reasons I Love You” Scrapbook

I went to the Dollar Tree and found Jumbo playing cards and then got busy. I created the pages in PicMonkey (free “14 Reasons I Love You” printables) because I didn’t want to have to go get all the scrapbook supplies to make them cute. This was perfect for me as all I needed to do was cut out the templates, round the corners, tape on to the cards, write in my statements and add a few hearts, flowers and ribbon. I didn’t overkill on the hearts and flowers because none of the kids would appreciate that.

Valentines Day 2014 Tin

Valentine’s Day Tins

Now, the tins are from Pick Your Plum. And I love them! I added some burlap ribbon, washi tape (also from PYP) and then painted the initial of their first name on the top of the tin. I added some of their favorite candy (and some hidden money) and voila, easy Valentine gifts.

For the initials, I used chipboard letters with a white ink pad and “stamped” the initial. I then outlined it in a black sharpie then painted it in with red paint. The washi tape was used to help hold down the burlap as my glue and scrapbook tape wasn’t getting it done.

Overall I think they turned out great and I hope the kids enjoy them. I know I cried just making the lists.

14 reasons I love you Scrapbook Inside

Side note: if you need to buy a rounder or scrapbook tape, make sure and use a coupon if you have it. Michael’s and Hobby Lobby usually have coupons on their phone apps that you can use directly from your phone at the register.

Side note 2: yes I know it looks like Jacob got more candy than the other two, it’s just that his came in bigger packaging.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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